Feminine Energy Awakening

Moon Mother®s UK

Moon Mother®s are those initiated and trained in the Feminine Energy Awakening System, created by Miranda Gray.  The system's beautiful attunements, blessings and healings offer a potent journey of personal development, empowerment and transformation, one that is accessed by more than 230,000 people around the world.  It connects us to the universal spiritual womb and our individual creative feminine centre. It returns our nature back to its sacredness, awakening and restoring our feminine energies.  Each time we partake in the Worldwide Womb Blessings or Gift, we awaken globally together.  Each time we receive a personal Feminine Energy Awakening Attunement, Feminine Energy Balancing or Gift (transmission of energy for the masculine) we further our own unique path and sacred unfolding.
















Imagine a woman standing bathed in moonlight.

She is radiant in the silver-white light, and on her palms rest two Full Moons.


At her brow is a white star, at her heart lies a silver chalice surrounded by pale pink light, and at her womb level lies a golden cauldron glowing with light and filled with the oceans of the world.


Golden roots grow down from her womb and disappear deep into the Earth.

She is serene, complete, strong, gentle and loving.


She is a Moon Mother holding the Womb Blessing energy.

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Ask a Moon Mother for a personal attunement or blessing - not only for relaxation, healing and spiritual nourishment, they can also be received:


  • to celebrate or mark a rite of passage

  • to honour and support a change in life circumstance

  • to celebrate femininity

  • as a personal and physical prayer - a merging of feminine nature with the Divine Feminine

The next Full Moon Meditation is:

5th July - Deep Purple

The Deep Purple Ray connects us to the feminine power of manifesting the world around us, especially through our highest ideals and for the good of all. Connected to the Enchantress, it helps us to clear away the old to manifest the positive into the physical world.  The Ray also helps us to connect with our highest levels, so we feel guided in this activity.


Click here to download the meditation

The next Worldwide Womb Blessing®  3rd August 

Register for free, choosing one of four times to suit you, and receive full instructions on how to take part.


Women and those in their feminine choosing the Worldwide Womb Blessing click here to register


Men and those in their masculine choosing the Gift for Men meditation click here to register



Interested in finding out about a Miranda Gray workshop or becoming a Moon Mother® then click here